What we do

Founded in 2003, we have a deep understanding of the needs of L&D departments and eLearning agencies. We work collaboratively, offering five core services:

Consultancy: helping to establish your video needs to ensure you get the most from your available budget.

Training: developing your internal team in content creation and video production.

Development: transforming your learning objectives into compelling concepts and scripts.

Production: from talking heads to complex interactive drama and 360 video, we create expert learning video that is effective, efficient and engaging.

Agency support: working with you at the bid stage, we provide creative support to elevate your video-oriented eLearning idea into a winning pitch. The credit is all yours and as a trusted provider we work throughout the project to ensure the client continues to think you’re great!

On a mission

Nice Media’s mission is to improve the quality of video in learning.

Check out the Know-how section of this site – an ever-growing database of articles and videos to help learning professionals make better video.

This year our focus is on Real Drama for Learning which promises to transform the dullest of office dramas into West Wing watchability. It makes perfect sense – it costs the same to film a good script as a great one.

Our new suite of Real Drama conceptual tools enables learning designers to construct scripts built on the foundations of classic dramatic structure. The same tools will help dramatic scriptwriters to better work with learning designers.

We’re also having a look at 360 degree video and working out how this medium can best serve learning applications. Watch this space.



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