The history of video: First things first

Posted by Tom Hickmore, 18th January, 2018

Everyone loves a pub quiz, right? Every flavour of crisps in the middle of the table, multiple pencils and a quirky team name. If there was a round on video we would ace it; we’d play our Joker card. If there was a round on video for learning, well, everyone else might as well go home.

How much do you know about video? Try your hand at these and score ten points for each correct answer… Read More

Striking the balance

Posted by Daniel Markland, 15th November, 2017

Over the Summer we blogged about how being a technical master of learning video isn’t as important as utilising your intrinsic vision, enthusiasm and creativity to produce something great. If your learning content engages your audience, then you have found an effective way of communicating your subject. Read More

ELN Connect 2017 – Highlights

Posted by Daniel Markland, 9th November, 2017

ELN Connect is always a great opportunity for learning professionals to come together, share knowledge and celebrate the best in digital learning. This year was certainly no exception so we thought we’d speak to some of the attendees about their highlights and what makes the eLearning Network so special.

Georgia Rooney joins as Chief Operations Officer

Posted by Daniel Markland, 25th October, 2017

We are very excited to introduce Georgia Rooney as our new Chief Operations Officer. Georgia has an extensive background in media production, digital marketing and video strategy and has worked with brands such as Thomas Cook, Royal Mail, Suzuki Avon and England Rugby to name a few. Read More

eLN Glasgow – Show your work

Posted by Steph Bright, 26th September, 2017
elearning, news

A couple of weeks ago Tom Hickmore and I attended the eLearning Network Glasgow event ‘Show Your Work’. As my first eLN event and first event with Nice Media, the pressure was on (a slight exaggeration, but it’s always nice to make a good first impression). With Tom focused on his talk for the day, I was keen to meet some new people and get a feel for the latest L&D thinking especially with my new video production hat on.
Read More

Rachel Tucker joins as Production Assistant

Posted by Daniel Markland, 4th September, 2017

We are thrilled to introduce Rachel Tucker as our new Production Assistant. Graduating from the University of Brighton in 2016, Rachel already has a great deal of video production experience and has worked on a number of commercial projects for clients including John Lewis, Bulgari, Esquire Magazine and Jaguar. Read More

Can a video drama impact behaviour change in an organisation?

Posted by Steph Bright, 23rd August, 2017
news, video drama

Behaviour change is really the end goal for L&D professionals. Learning can only add value when employees not only absorb knowledge, but take incentive to apply it positively in their role. Looking at the L&D landscape and beyond to our digital lives, video is a clear frontrunner in providing a learning format which is engaging and digestible. Read More



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