Watch & Learn

Everything you need to know to produce great video drama for learning, in one short volume.

Tom Hickmore

The learning sector produces a good deal of video drama, but its knowledge of the form is patchy. As a result, video drama for learning does not have the best reputation. In 'Watch & Learn', I set out to change this. I have distilled my many years of experience and study to produce this concise reference aimed at people in the frontline of L&D.

If you are interested in drama for learning, I hope this will prove indispensable.

About Watch & Learn

Real-world case studies

Watch & Learn includes a review of the relevant learning theory and research, plus real-world case studies.

Handy chapter summaries

Each chapter is summarised in a list of learning points, making Watch & Learn a flexible tool that's easy to use.

Supported by free online videos

This volume is supported by the author's free online videos including the series What Can TV Teach L&D?

Anita Sullivan

Playwright & instructional designer

‘Tom Hickmore shares a wealth of practical experience and applied learning theory. From concept to edit and everything in between, this is an mini bible for instructional designers, script writers, producers and anyone commissioning video for learning.’

James Cory-Wright

head of learning design

‘A first... a real-world guide to video drama for workplace learning - written by one of the most experienced video makers in the business, and in such a way as to be relevant to all-comers whether commissioning, designing, writing or managing an L&D project with a video in it.’

Charlotte Iwanejko

e-learning designer

‘As much as our learners like to relax with a box set or blockbuster, drama can also be an impactful way for them to learn. Tom's guide is the perfect tool for learning designers hoping to use this medium to its fullest potential.’

Donald Clark

ceo at wildfire learning

‘Video may be the medium of the learning age but the danger is in that it gives the illusion of learning. Tom explains, in this readable boom, how to hit the learning target with sound advice on how to create great drama for learning.’

Available now

Watch & Learn is available in hardcover and eBook formats via Amazon online.

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