Webinar recording: Video drama in learning – what is it good for?

Drama scenarios are a relatively common feature in learning and development, but poorly executed role-plays with amateur actors has given drama in learning a bad name. When done well, drama video can be one of the most effective ways to emotionally engage learners and impact their future behaviour. On 4th June 2020 we hosted a … Read more

How involving a video company early will add value to your production

We take pride in designing video solutions that are cost-effective and make the most of any budget, high or low end. In this article I outline some of the more common risk points in a video production and show the flip side – how involving a production company at an early stage can add value.

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Dramatic Storytelling

Blonde woman from 1700

As part of my drive to share the tools of my trade with learning designers in this blog I’ll lay out the principles of the main story paradigm described by Aristotle and used in Hollywood.  What’s important to know about this structure is that it’s evolved over centuries to model a journey of personal growth.  … Read more

How to avoid boredom by committee – Drama script reviews


“You’re making some dramatized video for learning. The script you’ve produced is fantastic… Then the first feedback comes from the client and they’ve added a great chunk of unspeakable dialogue and taken out the best bits… Of course, they know their culture and they know their business, but what they don’t know is that their … Read more

Real Drama for Learning

To launch our Real Drama for Learning campaign we produced this fun little video to explain what it’s all about. We entrusted the task of guiding you through the main points to that most talented of creative directors Mr Zach Forsythe. Take it away Zach! For the exposition on the topic check out Tom Hickmore’s … Read more

Make better video drama for learning (& avoid boredom by committee)

Video drama is a powerful tool for engagement and learning in the workplace.  But often things go wrong at the script stage.  This is a compressed version of a series of articles I wrote for eLearning Age on this subject in which, with the use of purpose-made video clips we demonstrate best practice when producing video drama.

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Writing Drama for Learning – Making Facts into Stories


So this must be the new seven-fifty.  I believe
it can print five hundred pages a minute
and has a lifetime warranty.

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