Last updated: 02/11/2020

This page outlines how Nice Media are currently responding the to COVID-19 pandemic. This page will be updated regularly.

If you have any specific questions please contact Managing Director, Melanie Hickmore.

As COVID-19 continues to have an impact globally, organisations are facing unprecedented levels of uncertainty. Our clients, friends, partners and collaborators have been asking us what it is still possible for Nice Media to do for them under these circumstances.

Production is more difficult in light of government guidelines around social distancing, but not impossible.

We have been working to adjust our usual approach to filming to ensure that:

We use the minimum crew and cast possible

Social distancing is embedded into production practice

All cast and crew follow the ‘do’s and don’ts of how to stop infection spreading

The government guidance is clear that you may travel for work purposes, but to work from home if you can. The government is not saying only people doing “essential” work can go to work. Anyone who cannot work from home can still go to work.

Video production is fairly unique in that some of the work can be carried at ‘at home’ and a relatively small proportion cannot.

We are extremely fortunate that the large majority of our business activity can continue with our people working from home. 

We can continue all pre-production activities including:

Post-production activities can also continue in a similar way, including:

For shoot days, we are also ensuring that we have a plan B in place in case we have a situation where a cast or crew member is exposed to COVID-19 or shows symptoms in the lead up to a shoot date – in which case they would not attend the shoot. Common sense is key and if we need to cancel a shoot date in the interests of safety we will.


We will only shoot at locations that enable us to easily maintain social distancing from each other and other members of the public. E.g. a workplace office that is currently unused for normal purposes. We also have access to studios that allow us to maintain social distancing whilst shooting high quality green and white screen studio footage. Our studios are in and around London.

Pre-production has always been key to the success of our shoot days. As a matter of course we carry out a recce and risk assessment on locations before we film. We now include a COVID-specific risk assessment and this is incorporated into our pre-production communications and guidance with our team, including external crew and cast.

Our external suppliers, e.g. Make Up Artists, are required to provide their own risk assessments. This documentation outlines the measures they have put in place to protect themselves and our talent (actors, presenters etc) in light of COVID risks factors.

Our creative response

COVID-19 is changing the way we think about work and the way we DO work. Video conference calls were already a familiar work practice for many and now more and more people than ever before know what ‘Zoom’ is.

This year we have produced corporate drama projects based solely on stories and interactions that take place within the context of video conference calls. All video content is ‘filmed’ and ‘recorded’ using a video conference facility.

Read this article to hear how we produced some of this content.

Also, we have pricing and information sheets for creating video projects using video conferencing software, and also, socially-distant studio-based filming with minimal crew. Contact us for more info.


We are sending our kindest wishes and regards to anyone who is being personally affected by the COVID-19 crisis and our warmest thanks to those on the front lines. 

As a small business and a production company we rely heavily on external collaboration with production freelance crew, with actors and voiceover artists, and of course with our agency partners and clients. We are a mutually-dependent ecosystem and we want to continue to work with and support all of our collaborators during the crisis, wherever possible.

If you would like to discuss project ideas and explore any concerns, please do get in touch. We would love to hear from you and explore ways that we can move through this current situation together and come out of it stronger and with new insights and ways of working. 

“Without a doubt, Nice Media made what felt like a complex process to produce a customer video feel like sheer simplicity.”
Darren Fell
Founder, Crunch