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Posted by Daniel Markland, 20th March, 2017
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So, the word on the street is Hygge – Danish for cosy. Picture environments bringing the outside in…. We see it everywhere from homes, shops to businesses. So how do we transport this into the office environment? Well just before you decide to light candles everywhere – stop! Consider the Danish word arbejdsglæde. Arbejde means work and glæde means happiness, so arbejdsglæde is “happiness at work.”  So how do we create this?

Well in the words of Kayleigh Dray (deputy editor of

“This can be achieved through flexible working hours, or great employee benefits, or regular training (Danes love to push themselves to learn new things), or through bosses issuing fewer direct orders (they prefer workers to feel empowered).”

Remember Nice’s Leadership Angel? Have fun while you are learning – it works!

So, the magic will happen when we combine the power of learning with the power of hygge and arbejdsglæde it’s the perfect combination. Get the working environment right and you will accelerate your workers learning and achieve great results. What’s not to like? Get Nice to create some Hygge learning for your workplace and reap the benefits.

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