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How We Work

Is your content suited to video? We help you see if it’s practical.
Do you have a design in mind? We examine and develop your ideas.
We give you video solutions and cost option.

Here’s a typical workflow…


We work closely with you to develop ideas, treatment and script. The video is designed to make the most of your budget. When useful, storyboards or illustrations are created. Investment at this development stage brings you the best return.


We finalise our project plan and give you a production timeline. We bring together actors, crew, locations, and other resources ready for filming.


We create the video ingredients such as voice recordings, graphics and of course the video footage. With actors, locations and skilled technicians working with specialist equipment, filming is the most costly part of making a video; it’s also when the planning pays off. During filming we work hard to explain the process to avoid surprises later on.


We assemble the ingredients, footage, graphic elements, music and voice recordings according to the script. In response to your feedback the video is revised and approved.


Finally we convert the video into a format appropriate for your application and deliver it to you ready for use.


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