Brightwave – A Day In the Life

A Day In the Life
3 minutes 37 seconds

As part of our work for the Brightwave event Total Learning we produced a portrait of their workplace designed to be shown on the plasma screens at the event. The video has been repurposed for recruitment on their website.As video consultants working with Brightwave for their Total Learning Event we suggested producing a Day in the Life of the company to play on the plasma screens and to bring the attendees into the heart of their business. This video, using time-lapse and documentary observation, is the result.

Here’s what Brightwave fed back about the video:

”The Day in the Life video has been a very helpful resource to support recruitment and to build our employer brand… It gives a succinct and positive message about what it feels like to work here and has helped us to attract new people who can thrive in a creative, open, collaborative and energetic workplace… I’ve had some very positive feedback from applicants who have seen the video and have commented that they would love to work somewhere like this.”

– Alison Mitchell-Innes, Director of Talent, Brightwave

“Thanks to you and your team for a great shoot – I was really impressed with how smoothly you guys ran the show.  It really hits all the objectives for the piece, giving a real warm and fuzzy Brightwave feeling!  Really impressed by how beautifully shot it is and how you’ve woven the story of the day.”

– Rob Keery, Product Marketing Manager, Brightwave

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