Knowledge Mobilisation Framework Dramas

Health Education England
Learning Dramas
25 minutes

The NHS Knowledge Mobilisation Framework is designed to help individuals to develop and use skills to mobilise knowledge effectively in their organisations – to help them to learn before, during and after everything that they do so pitfalls can be avoided and best practice  replicated. The modules introduce eleven techniques to help plan, co-ordinate and implement knowledge mobilisation activities.

Nice Media produced 25 minutes of drama for the project – filming 14 2-minute scenes in a day.

“Working with Nice Media has been a highlight for us on our recent eLearning project.  This was our first video production using professional actors; it could easily have been very overwhelming.  We were supported at every stage from scriptwriting, filming to editing.  The team were really friendly, creative and fun to work with and walked us through it all with ease and professionalism.  We’re very happy with the final result!”

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