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Real Drama for Learning

Posted by Tom Hickmore, 27th April, 2017
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To launch our Real Drama for Learning campaign we produced this fun little video to explain what it’s all about. We entrusted the task of guiding you through the main points to that most talented of creative directors Mr Zach Forsythe. Take it away Zach!

For the exposition on the topic check out Tom Hickmore’s blog here.

Real Drama for Learning

Script consultancy: we work with your team to turn workaday content into something truly dramatic.

Training:  Using our conceptual toolkit, we work with your team to give an understanding of the basics of dramatic construction.

Agency support: working with you at the bid stage, we provide creative support to elevate your video-oriented eLearning idea into a winning pitch.

Production: From idea to final film we work with you throughout the journey.

Real Drama for Learning – using emotion to communicate ideas.

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