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Why are you doing that? Video Production questions answered

Posted by Cara Ghoshal, 17th February, 2016
video know-how, video production

When working in production it’s often easy to forget that some of the things we regularly do can seem nonsensical or weird to someone new to video or working with a production company. Of course, you should never be afraid to ask your film crew to explain what they’re doing – in fact, we love to blather on about our work, as this blog shows – it’s always nice to go in with a bit of pre-knowledge.

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Jobs On Set: Stylist

Posted by Alice Whiting, 28th October, 2015
video drama, video know-how, video production

We show a lot in the clothes that we wear, so the Costume Designer uses clothes to help create a visual identity for the characters.

Before filming, they will look at the brief and think about how the characters would dress, and source different clothes to suit this. Read More

Jobs On Set: Sound Recordist

Posted by Alice Whiting, 23rd September, 2015
video know-how, video production

Occasionally overlooked when planning a video, the Sound Recordist has the important job of making sure the actors or interviewees can be heard properly.

Before filming, they will check the script to make sure they have all the equipment needed to capture the sound, and source anything they don’t have.

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Jobs On Set: Director

Posted by Cara Ghoshal, 11th March, 2015
video drama, video know-how, video production

The Director is in charge of the creative elements of the film.

Before filming, they will develop the project from initial brief to the final concept, working with all the crew to plan every aspect, from the script to the way the scene will be lit, to make sure they work and are consistent with this overall vision. Read More


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