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Film Language – Part Three – Point Of View

Posted by Alice Whiting, 25th January, 2016
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How much do you know about film techniques?

In this final piece in our three part series on Film Language, Creative Director Tom Hickmore explains that a lot of people think Literal Point of View filming makes a subjective experience on screen more powerful – but is the technique really more immersive or empathic?

Literal POV drama – your questions answered

Posted by Tom Hickmore, 17th November, 2015
video drama, video know-how, video production

On 11-11-15 I gave a talk at the eLN Conference Beyond ‘click next’…digital learning solutions come of agebased on my blog Point-of-view Drama – How Does it Work?  As the subject is so complex I felt I left my audience wanting some less equivocal answers to their questions.  Here’s a bit of an explanation of why it’s so complex followed by my attempts to better answer some of the questions I received. Read More

Jobs On Set: Director

Posted by Cara Ghoshal, 11th March, 2015
video drama, video know-how, video production

The Director is in charge of the creative elements of the film.

Before filming, they will develop the project from initial brief to the final concept, working with all the crew to plan every aspect, from the script to the way the scene will be lit, to make sure they work and are consistent with this overall vision. Read More


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