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Top 5 Learning Trends for 2017

Posted by Daniel Markland, 26th January, 2017
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Learning Trends 2017! We were only two days in to the new year and my Twitter feed was already exploding with predictions for the year ahead. Rather than immediately jump on the bandwagon I thought it best to let the dust settle and see if I could make some sense of what remained after the storm.
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What engages you?

Posted by Daniel Markland, 16th January, 2017
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In my short time working within the eLearning world, one word has consistently jumped out from all the jargon. Engagement. At eLN Connect last year it was all anyone could talk about. ‘How can we engage the learner?’ ‘Are we engaging them enough?’ ‘What about millennial learners?!’ ‘Look there’s a learner! Somebody, quick – engage them!’

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Why are you doing that? Video Production questions answered

Posted by Cara Ghoshal, 17th February, 2016
video know-how, video production

When working in production it’s often easy to forget that some of the things we regularly do can seem nonsensical or weird to someone new to video or working with a production company. Of course, you should never be afraid to ask your film crew to explain what they’re doing – in fact, we love to blather on about our work, as this blog shows – it’s always nice to go in with a bit of pre-knowledge.

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Video Drama For Learning: 2. Script Writing

Posted by Francesca Cane, 14th October, 2014
elearning, script writing, video drama, video know-how, video production

This Tom Hickmore Nice Mediaarticle was written for and published in the October 2014 issue of e.learning age. It was the second in a three part series (read part one of video drama for learning and part three on production values). It was written by Tom Hickmore, Creative Director and Founder of Nice Media. Learn more about how Nice Media work here. Read More

Green Screen – A Primer

Posted by Tom Hickmore, 5th October, 2013
video know-how

Nowadays most of us are familiar with the idea that if someone is filmed against a flat, green (or blue) screen we can replace the green with a still image or video later on.  This technique, more accurately known as chromakey, is a relatively straightforward process, which can be used with to good effect for executives or actors.

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