Literal POV drama – your questions answered

On 11-11-15 I gave a talk at the eLN Conference Beyond ‘click next’…digital learning solutions come of agebased on my blog Point-of-view Drama – How Does it Work?  As the subject is so complex I felt I left my audience wanting some less equivocal answers to their questions.  Here’s a bit of an explanation of why it’s so complex followed by my attempts to better answer some of the questions I received.

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Point-of-View drama – how does it work?

Right now there is a vogue for dramatized point-of-view video with branching scenarios, so here are my thoughts on the form’s strengths and weakness.

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Green Screen – A Primer

Nowadays most of us are familiar with the idea that if someone is filmed against a flat, green (or blue) screen we can replace the green with a still image or video later on.  This technique, more accurately known as chromakey, is a relatively straightforward process, which can be used with to good effect for executives or actors.

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