Thoughts from Day One

I was already awake when my alarm went off. By 7am my mind had already long been whirring with a combination of excitement and fear.

I had admired Nice Media from afar for some time now and was over the moon to be joining the team as Marketing and Office Coordinator. I studied Media Production at University and have more recently been trying to move into Social Media Marketing so this was in many ways the ultimate opportunity!

But first days always fill me with dread and this was no exception. It’s always the same question that haunts me – ‘Will they be nice?’

You’d think the name Nice Media would allay my fears but in my experience, with most jobs you may as well flip a coin to determine the outcome.

After meeting the team and settling in a bit my nerves quickly subsided and after spotting a few pictures on the walls of Mick Ronson (personal hero and probably one of the nicest men in rock history) I began to suspect I was in the right place.

I was originally drawn to Nice Media simply because I love their work and am fascinated with how well they walk the line between education and entertainment. In fact it’s becoming increasingly clear to me that entertainment when correctly applied can enhance the learning experience tremendously and how you present is as important as what you present.

Looking back at my first ever job (at a high street retailer that shall remain nameless) I recall being subjected to the most god-awful training video (VHS – yes I am that old) I have ever seen in my life. It was a dry, dull, un-engaging piece of which I remember absolutely nothing. So I am relieved that a) the world has moved on – and b) I am now part of the solution!

What was immediately clear to me from the off was just how passionate the team at Nice Media is about what they do and I’m very excited to be joining the team. By my desk there is poster that reads “work hard & be nice to people”… That works for me just fine.

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