Improving knowledge retention in your workplace

Using the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Total Recall is the quickest and most cost-effective way to deliver a learning experience your learners will remember.

Effortful learning creates effortless recall

Learning has changed. To get real business results, your training has to be more than just a tick-box exercise. With traditional eLearning, too much focus is placed on making the process easy for the learner. But easy doesn’t necessarily mean results.

Scientific research reveals creating an effortful learning experience is key to dramatically improving user’s long-term retention. The thing is traditional eLearning takes months to produce and rarely does it achieve ‘sticky’ learning. Once it’s finished, it’s over and forgotten.

With Total Recall, it takes seconds to create impactful learning that lasts.

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Using AI to help learners retain the knowledge needed to improve performance

Total Recall combines bespoke video content with AI to deliver a more immersive learning experience that helps employees retain more and perform better.

Video grounded in learning theory

Our experience producing video-centred learning for large organisations allows us to create the most effective solution tailored to your learning objectives.

Create high recall learning in seconds​

We’ve slashed the time and cost of rolling out eLearning programmes that can make a real difference to your business. Our Total Recall process analyses video or text to create effortful learning in a matter of seconds.

Improved user experience and performance​

By merging AI with video, Total Recall delivers a learning experience that addresses performance needs by using methods rooted in proven learning theory.

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