Effortful learning creates effortless recall

A combination of video and artificial intelligence to deliver an unforgettable learning experience

Using video plus AI to help learners retain the knowledge
needed to improve performance

Grounded in learning theory

Our experience producing video-centred learning for large organisations allows us to create the most effective solution tailored to your learning objectives.

Create high recall learning in seconds​

We’ve slashed the time it takes to roll out eLearning programmes, creating savings that can make a real difference to your business. Our Total Recall process analyses video transcripts to create effortful learning in a matter of seconds.

Improved user experience and performance​

By merging video with AI-powered recall exercises, Total Recall delivers a learning experience that addresses performance needs by using methods rooted in proven learning theory.


Total Recall Webinar

Miss it? No problem, we recorded it!

Following on from the official launch of Total Recall at this years Learning Technologies conference and exhibition, watch again as Donald and Tom explain more about how this innovative video plus AI solution can supercharge a learning experience.

Retention study using video plus artificial intelligence (AI) retrieval practice

We worked with Ian Williams, one of the UK’s largest privately-owned property services companies, to trial Total Recall. The study compared the effectiveness of traditional training videos versus Total Recall (video plus AI).

Start with a pilot project

Experience the power of video plus artificial intelligence with a low cost pilot project. We will support you through the production process and to gather the ROI data for future Total Recall projects.

Discuss Total Recall with our team